Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Another coastal trough has impacted the east coast of Australia and has been extremely intense in the Sydney and NSW South Coast regions.

Parts of Sydney have seen as much as 550mm of rain falling in the first 6 days of July.  The average for July is 96mm (at Observatory Hill).

With the ground saturated from almost continuous rain since the last major weather event, local rivers have flooded for the 4th time in 2 years.  Records continue to be broken.

Shut down for staff safety

The decision was made to close our Sydney plant for 12 hours at the worst of the flooding for the safety of our staff.  Several nearby major roads, which many of our staff travel to and from work were closed , or closing due to localized flooding, so the decision was made to shut down.
Local rivers and creeks have only a small catchment area and therefore rise and fall quickly.  When rain eases, roads quickly drain and are reopened.


On July 6, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that up to 85,000 people across the Sydney area were issued evacuation orders.

The coastal trough is slowly moving north and is now impacting the NSW mid north coast.