Distribution and Warehousing


Our Sydney facility has two separate warehouses, one for plastic raw materials and the second for finished goods and other raw materials.

This separation has been designed to ensure best practice material flow through the facility.

First-in-first-out (FIFO) stock management is assisted through the use of flow through racking which ensures that the oldest stock is always picked first.

Carlos – Storeman

Our Malaysian warehouse has been designed with material flow as a major consideration.  Raw materials are received, processed and moved into storage quickly and efficiently without interrupting the movement of finished goods.


All raw materials are batch controlled through our PRONTO Xi 740 ERP (Enterprise Requirement Planning) system.

When goods arrive they are inspected in accordance with our quality management system requirements. Certificates of conformance (C of C) are checked and saved, control numbers allocated and the the goods are released to store.

PRONTO ensures that FIFO is maintained by allocating the oldest stock of raw materials first.

With just a few clicks and some basic information from finished goods labels we can determine exactly when parts were manufactured.  From which machines or processes, from what materials and which batch numbers.


We are able to store and distribute retail ready product where required.

This service allows our customers to order finished goods to multiple delivery locations with confidence that our people and systems will always deliver the product to the right location at the right time.

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