Our clever team often comes up with innovative solutions to challenges.

Below are a few case studies of recent projects.


Over Mold Project

A customer provided us with an interesting challenge when we were asked to further develop an insert-transfer overmold process that we had recently pioneered. The original project involved over molding a semi rigid frame with a soft plastic material to create improved shock resistance in mouth guards worn by players in sports [...]


A major automation project

We recently completed another major automation project and want to share our story. A value analysis and value engineering project (VA VE) run cooperatively with a customer resulted in several identical two cavity molds being replaced with a four cavity mold. The success of this project inspired us to seek [...]


Metrology Challenge

A recent project involved the assembly of molded components with a specification for fitment that was difficult, if not impossible, to measure. The specification referred to the fit of the two yellow components within the tubes as follows:- “PULL-OUT” FORCE OF PLUG IN BODY MUST BE >6.6N”   This provided [...]