From early stage concept to fully detailed 2D drawings and 3D CAD model, we can turn your idea into reality.

Starting with the creation of 3D CAD models, we can provide detailed and toleranced control drawings.

We will guide you through the decisions that need to be made prior to starting the manufacture of tooling such as the type of steel to be used and the number of cavities (how many parts it makes with each cycle).
If you have a large project with many tools we will use project management tools to ensure that nothing is missed and that everything happens according to the plan.
It is our responsibility to make sure that the tool is manufactured to the highest standards and operates correctly.

Once the tool is finished we will tailor a validation process to suit your needs. If you have just a simple component or components, a quick check of a few dimensions and fit of mating components may be that is necessary. Alternatively, we can provide specification conformance reports, capability analysis and mechanical testing if required.

When appropriate, we use scientific molding techniques to ensure that we achieve the best mechanical and aesthetic properties from the chosen plastic material and that components are molded accurately. We don’t tinker with process settings to get a dimension close, we determine the best process settings for the material, tool design and component design and if a dimension is out, we tune the tool. This results in the ability to reproduce components accurately every shot for the life of the tool.

After molding we can print, weld, assemble, test and package your product.
We source component parts from all over the world for assembly with the components that we mold.

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