ISCC PLUS Certification 

W&S Plastics is one of Australia’s first plastic manufacturing companies to complete the rigorous ISCC PLUS Certification process, setting an industry standard for sustainable material certification.

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS) is a global voluntary certification scheme that supports sustainable, fully traceable, and climate-friendly supply chains.

The primary objective of ISCC PLUS certification, and the companies that successfully obtain it, is to action and promote a circular economy. A circular economy involves deriving food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable feedstock from processes powered by sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Compared to the traditional linear model or the transition to the circular economy model, the impact of the circular model is significant because the raw materials and chemical treatment phase are no longer required to produce the finished goods.

What does this mean for W&S Plastics?

For W&S Plastics, successful certification is a formal acknowledgement that our plastic production process will use traceable recycled materials in the supply chain of certain products.

This approach involves using polymers that have been generated from advanced recycling processes to make plastic.

ISCC PLUS material is suitable for all applications, including medical products.

Using recycled plastic to manufacture quality products, including plastic parts, medical device plastic components, tools made to prototype designs, injection moulding for plastics, and more, empowers our customers to achieve measurable environmental outcomes.

What does ISCC PLUS certification mean for our customers?

Our customers can rely on W&S Plastic’s thorough tracking and disclosure of product information throughout the life cycle of a plastic product. Meeting the standards for ISCC PLUS Certification enables more credible and trustworthy claims about the plastic products our customers purchase.

Customers also benefit when undertaking their own ISCC PLUS certification process by easily identifying an ISCC PLUS-certified Australian plastics manufacturer within their supply chains.

How does ISCC PLUS certification help support sustainability in Australia?

At present, Australia has some way to go to catch up to Europe in obtaining sustainability and carbon certification to support the circular economy. By meeting the standards for ISCC PLUS Certification, W&S Plastics is taking a leadership role in helping to manage the circular economy in Australia.

W&S Plastics is focused on best practices and continual improvement. ISCC PLUS Certification is the next step in ensuring we lead the way in innovative processes that address environmental and social outcomes that benefit the whole community.

If you want to learn more about ISCC PLUS Accredited production methods, please get in touch today.