Monday, February 10, 2020

Over the weekend of Saturday February 8 and Sunday 9, Sydney experienced some extreme weather caused by a low-pressure system that sat off the east coast of NSW.

This weather event brought damaging winds and flooding to many areas including Moorebank, the location of our Australian operations and head office.
The flooded areas were low lying and not near our plant.  Roads remained open to the plant and no infrastructure was threatened.

The plant was unaffected by the floods which have been likened to the 1988 flood event which was the worst on record. The plant started up as usual on Monday morning as the flood water receded in the affected areas.

The rain has been widespread across the east of the state of New South Wales, from the Queensland border to the Victorian border, bringing relief to many drought stricken farming communities and finally bringing an end to some of the major bush fires that made for a horror fire season.