Good Corporate Citizenship

W&S Plastics embraces an evolving business practice, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), within our business model. Our goal is to give back to the world (society) as it gives to us. By being socially and environmentally conscious, help to create a cleaner, more sustainable and more inclusive society.

Our CSR team’s activities focus on 3 major areas.

Environmental Efforts

A primary focus of our CSR team is the environment. Our team is implementing the 3 principles of the mantra, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3 Rs)” into our daily life. These practices are great ways to eliminate waste, reduce operating costs and protect our environment. The team is made up of employees from all organisational levels of our company. They are creating awareness among our employees on how easy it is to reduce electricity and water usage, both at home and at work, by following a few simple steps.

Plastic bags and carton boxes are recycled and reusable plastic crates are used for packing and storage of semi-finished parts. We have invested in a few thousand plastic crates which will be reused for many years.

Recycled cartons are used for storing parts.

Recycled cartons are stored properly after usage and will be reused during production and subsequently for the further storage of parts

Recyclable plastic ceates and pallets have replaced carton boxes and wooden pallets in our operations.

The small environmental impact of our actions will encourage our employees to consider other people and the environment in everything that they do and make a real difference in the world.


Our CSR team recently adopted a non-profit centre for disabled children and youth in our community in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.

Our employees volunteer 5 hours of their time every month to participate in activities with the disabled at the Muafakat Permai Community Centre for the Disabled.

The decision to adopt this non-profit centre was taken by all the team members. Through this exercise they are learning about local service opportunities and becoming more socially active in the community. They are working closely with the centre to create the best experience for all parties involved.

Ethical Labour Practices

W&S Plastics further demonstrates its social responsibility by treating all its employees fairly and ethically.

We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, religion or any other catagory of people.