The dramatic spread of Covid 19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide.

W&S Plastics Malaysia (WSPM) has adopted a set of Health and Safety measures since March 2020 that has ensured that our factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia remains Covid 19 free.

The following are the main measures that we have implemented.

Established a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for screening our employees upon entry to the site.

We have been practicing this SOP since March 2020 and it is registered with the Johor Department of Health and all of our employees & security personal have been trained and retrained on it.

The key points within it are

  • Daily Temperature Screening for all employees, visitors and suppliers – these records are submitted to the Johor Health Department weekly
  • Everyone must wear a face mask whilst in the factory.
  • Hand Sanitizers are placed at various locations in the factory. Employees are encouraged to sanitize their hands often.
  • Safe distancing during production and break times. Work stations have been spread out to facilitate safe distancing of 1.5 meters.
  • Cleaning of High Touch Areas 3 times a day – these records are submitted to the Johor Health Department weekly

All of our employees must complete an online Daily Contact Tracing Check before they report to work. It takes only a minute to complete and submit this Google Form online. Click here for a sample

The forms are checked before the start of each shift and if there are any risks identified one of our human resources team talks to the employee concerned and a decision is made on whether they must quarantine.

Employees are quarantined for a period of 2 weeks. They take a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab test just before the expiry of the quarantine period and a negative result is required before they can return to work.

We installed acrylic partitions on top of every office cubicle and cafeteria table to prevent the spread of airborne respiratory droplets.

All meals (lunch & dinner) are delivered to the company and so our employees do not leave the factory during their shift. This applies to everyone in the office and production.

We expressed our gratitude and support to our brave first responders by sponsoring hot lunches for the essential front-line workers in the two hospitals in the city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia that treat Covid 19 patients.

In the unlikely event of a Covid 19 outbreak at our Malaysian factory, we have the ability to manufacture & supply all the current parts produced in WSPM from our Sydney factory.

Both of our factories maintain 2 – 4 weeks stock of all finished goods & raw materials.