At a time when sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices are not just valued but expected, W&S Plastics is proud to have set a new benchmark for the industry with its ISCC PLUS certification. This significant achievement underlines the company’s commitment to integrating traceable recycled materials into its production process, thereby championing environmental stewardship and sustainable manufacturing. The certification is a testament to W&S Plastics’ dedication to best practice and continual improvement, positioning it as a leader in fostering a circular economy.

About the W&S Plastics Certification

For W&S Plastics, achieving ISCC PLUS certification formally recognises the company’s innovative approach to plastic production. Using polymers from advanced recycling processes, W&S Plastics ensures its production methods are efficient and environmentally friendly. The certification enables the company to offer a wide range of products made from recycled plastic elements, from medical device components to tools for prototype designs. This innovation empowers customers to achieve measurable environmental outcomes, aligning with the global shift towards sustainability.

In announcing the certification, W&S Plastics Managing Director Andrew Wiseman said, “Our ISCC PLUS certification isn’t just a badge — it’s a core part of our mission to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future. By integrating advanced recycled polymers into our production, we’re enhancing efficiency and paving the way for a range of products, contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

Certification is a testament to the trust we continue to build with our partners and clients. It embodies our focus on fostering a greener industry and delivering products that customers can trust for their quality and positive environmental impact.”

Having a traceable supply chain means that W&S Plastics can assure its customers that products are made with recycled polymers and that these materials are handled in ways that address environmental concerns. This type of transparency is a competitive advantage as businesses and consumers increasingly seek partners who can demonstrate transparent supply chains.

The development of ISCC PLUS Certification

The ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) Association was established in 2010. Since then, ISCC certification has been pivotal in promoting sustainable production, processing and use of biomass and other raw materials. It aims for a world where these materials are produced in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way.

The ISCC PLUS Certification represents an advancement in the validation of sustainable practices, extending the rigorous standards of ISCC Certification to encompass products and materials related to the circular economy and bio-economy. The inclusive scope of the ISCC PLUS certification covers a wide variety of inputs that contribute to circular sustainability practices. It offers companies and consumers assurance that the origins of raw materials are sustainable, extending to encompass mass-balanced products alongside bio-based materials. The certification also guarantees that the mass balance approach adheres to transparent rules, ensuring integrity and consistency in sustainable practices.


Advantages of ISCC PLUS Certification Process

There are many positives in gaining ISCC PLUS certification, including enhancing environmental sustainability, driving social and economic responsibility, and enhancing transparency and traceability. The rigorous assessment and certification processes promote supply chain transparency for the benefit of customers.


W&S Plastics’ ISCC PLUS certification is a landmark achievement in the company’s sustainability journey. It showcases our commitment to responsible manufacturing practices and sets a new standard for the plastics industry in Australia. Through its efforts, W&S Plastics is leading by example, demonstrating how innovative processes can address customer requirements alongside environmental and social outcomes. As the demand for sustainable products continues to rise, W&S Plastics’ commitment to transparency and traceability positions it as a trusted and forward-thinking leader in the global market.