Covid 19

Update 28 April

Malaysia Plant

The Malaysian Government has imposed a movement of restriction order which has effectively closed many manufacturing business. Being a supplier of medical device components, W&S Malaysia received an exemption from the order and has been operating throughout the lockdown.

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The number of active cases are declining which indicates that the restrictions are working and we can expect to see some relaxing of them in the near future.

Sydney Plant

Neither the Australian Government or the NSW State Government, have applied restrictions to Australian manufacturing businesses so it has been business as usual for W&S Australia.

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The number of active cases are dropping which indicates that the spread is being controlled. The NSW Government has announced that restrictions will be relaxed from 1 May.

W&S Contributes to the fight against Covid 19

Our Sydney team has been busy developing new products to assist our healthcare professionals in their fight against Covid 19.

We have launched a range of two eye shields and a face shield with more products to come.

More details about these products can be found at

Update 13 March 2020

With the Covid 19 situation escalating we are not being complacent.

Our IT guys have been busy ensuring that key people have safe and secure remote access to our systems in case they need to work from home.

We have confirmed supply of materials on order and are working to trace point of origin of all materials so that we accurately assess the risk of supply shortages in the medium and long term.

Our Kulai, Malaysia plant continues their screening of every person that enters the site and our Sydney, Australia team is prepared to do the same when the situation requires it.

We have implemented a policy of no face-to-face meetings with customers, suppliers or contractors unless absolutely essential.
Video conferencing is being used to faciltate meeetings in almost all situations.

A few of our customers have increased their order quantities, presumably to build their safety stock levels, and in every instance we have been able to meet their requirements.

We can’t foresee what is to come but we continue to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Update 25 February 2020

Recognising that the Covid 19 epidemic is spreading in the affected regions, W&S remains vigilant.

We are monitoring local and international health advisory notices.

After an exhaustive risk analysis process, we have implemented tight controls in our Malaysian plant. The following is a video of the implementation of these controls.

Created by Codegena.

The spread of the virus in China is a cause for concern and as such we are stepping up our monitoring of the few Chinese suppliers that we have. We aim to capture any potential disruptions to supply early and will communicate them to our customers well in advance of any affect to provide time to implement mitigation strategies.

Update 10 February 2020

Both W&S Malaysia and W&S Australia remain unaffected by the Coronavirus.

None of our employees or their families have reported being unwell and there is no spread of the virus within local communities.

Our company wide travel ban remains in place and will do so until the treat recedes.

We remain in close contact with our suppliers and there appears to be no threat to our supply chain.

Any risk to supply, whether from one of our own plants or from our supply chain will be communicated to customers immediately.

Update 31 January 2020

The situation regarding the Coronavirus is changing daily and as such our Senior Management Team is monitoring the situation.

To date we have no indication of any issues with borders, customs or transport.

We are monitoring and will advise if anything of concern should arise.

We have banned all international business travel without the permission of our MD.

All staff on our Australian and Malaysian sites have been interviewed to determine if they, or any of their household, have visited China or Hong Kong. None were found to have done so.

Any employee that applies for leave will be interviewed to determine if they intend to travel to China or Hong Kong and if so, they will not be allowed to attend work for 21 days after they return unless they have a medical certificate to clear them.

We are asking all employees to report any flu-like symptoms and stay away from work.  We are taking this one step further by extending this to members of employee’s household or other people that they come into close contact with.

The employees and, or, their associate must be cleared by a doctor before the employee can return to work with a medical certificate.

As the virus spreads, our operations team is monitoring effected regions and will keep close contact with any suppliers there so that we can maintain a dynamic risk assessment.

Any risk to supply, whether from one of our own plants or from our supply chain will be communicated to customers immediately.

Please access this page for updates.