Khairus (Khai) Kasat is the Production Coordinator for the Johor plant.

Khai completed his Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering from University Technology Malaysia International Campus (UTMIC) at Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur in 2013.
For his final year project he invented a machine that could isolate rice (paddy) from its husk and other components.

After further study he graduated in early 2017 with a Degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from the University Technology Malaysia Johor Campus (UTMJB).
During his final year, he had an internship with Satria Aces Engineering in Selangor, Malaysia that sold different international brands of medical equipment. As a service technician, Khairus would trouble shoot, analyse and repair equipment errors and provide Preventive Maintenance Plans to customers all over Malaysia. The Syringe Pump and the Infusion Pump machines were his specialty. He has a great track record with this equipment and quickly earned an excellent reputation for completing service calls quickly and efficiently.

Khairus’ passion for customer service is evident in his work at W&S were he is responsible for production scheduling, stock control and purchasing.