Quality Assurance – Capability Verification Analysis

Our Capability Verification Analysis (CVA) process ensures that that parts we supply today are the same as those that were supplied immediately after tool validation. Conducting a capability verification analysis on an already qualified and running tool allows us to identify, through the use of scientific analysis, whether the tool or process has drifted from... view more»

Product Development – Early Engagement

A simple question and a quick followup may have saved our customer many thousands of dollars and countless hours of development time. This newsletter clearly shows the benefit of engaging us early in the product development process to avoid design costly and time consuming design oversights. Click here to open this interesting and informative case... view more»

Celebrating 40 Years

Something great to celebrate.  In 1978 Lindsay Wiseman and Trevor Symes had a great idea.  They decided to start their own plastic injection molding business. In the 40 years since, the idea has turned into a multinational company with manufacturing facilities in Australia and Malaysia and offices in Singapore and the USA. This newsletter reminds... view more»

Release of Quality Results for November 2017 – February 2018

Analysis of our quality record data has shown that for the period of November 2017 through February 2018 our Johor, Malaysia and Sydney, Australia plants combined had a first pass yield of 99.755%. Line rejects reported by customers were less than 43.9 parts per million supplied which equates to 0.0045% or better than 5.4 σ. This great... view more»

White Paper – Using Statistical Techniques

White Paper WS Limits This White Paper describes how W&S utilized statistical techniques to calculate control limits that fall with specification limits which, when applied, provide alerts to our quality team when slight drifts in process occur. This ensures that the products we supply are always with the customer defined specifications. view more»

Automation Project

August 2017 -Automation Feature We have completed a major automation project and want to share our success with you. The project involved:- collecting and aligning parts picking up the parts with an ABB 6 axis robot printing the parts, four at a time, on a pad printer vision quality checking automatic bagging by cavity Every... view more»

The Mold Dilemma

July 2016 – The Mold Dilemma This newsletter helps to explain the benefits and advantages of low versus high cavitation molds. there abenefits to both and it is important that you chose the correct cavitation for your application. view more»

Trans Pacific Partnership

Newsletter – November 2016 – Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) The United States Presidential election has brought the TPP to the attention of the US and Australian public but few people actually know what it about. We took some time research this controversial and mostly unknown trade agreement and written a newsletter explaining it in simple... view more»

Brand Launch

July 2016 – Brand Launch Features The launch of our new logo coincides with the opening of our new factory in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. The logo looks great on the front of this new and modern building in Johor’s premier industrial estate. The Malaysia factory is being equipped with the latest technology European injection molding... view more»

Update On Our Malaysia Plant Preparation

July 2016 – Update on our Malaysia plant preparation Work on the renovations to our new building in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia are progressing well and we have installed the first two of 6 new Engel injection molding machines that we have ordered. open the newsletter for more information and some great photos. view more»